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HPP 055 - I’ve Been Kraven Some Lizard

June 10, 2021

In this Episode, Will is joined by Lexa from the Morlocks Podcast to discuss the recent reveals, TTS Season 5 and Will's tournament roster.  The gang breaks down the New Kraven the Hunter card and discusses ways to get the most out of his unique kit.  The playstyle differences between the hosts is highlighted by what each of them values on his card.  Will he be a new popular flex 3?  The crew also takes a look the Lizard as well and discusses where to get the most benefit out of his limited kit.  Is he the Bruiser at 3 threat the Spider-Foes needed or does he slot in somewhere else more effectively?  All this and more are inside!  Don't forget to get the SECRET CODE for the Giveaway!  Enjoy!

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